Borovo d.d. is the most famous shoe manufacturer in Croatia with the longest tradition, heritage and love for shoes. It has established its identity not only in Croatia but throughout the region by creating modern, urban, sports and certified safety and work footwear.

Borovo shoes have become a part of many generations and have long been synonymous with quality. Only natural materials are used in the production - leather, 100% cotton canvas and natural rubber, which is also produced at the Borovo factory. Following the idea of unique quality footwear, our designers create simple yet modern and comfortable footwear made with special care and love, footwear that goes through at least 20 caring hands. Such production results in the creation of well-known brands such as Startas, Boromina, Borosana, Rubber, My Ballerinas and The Big Blue.

Footwear in Borovo is manufactured in two production facilities:

  • leather footwear
  • rubber and rubber-canvas shoes

Our stores

Quality, modern and comfortable footwear.

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