Access to Information

The Right of Access to Information and the Person-in-charge

The Right of Access to Information Act (Official Gazette No 25/13 and 85/15) provides and ensures the implementation of the right of access to information as well as the re-use of information guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia for both physical and legal persons by means of transparent and open-to-public performance of the relevant public authority bodies.

The Act also sets down the principles of the right of access, the exceptions in the right to access and the procedure of gaining and protecting the right of access to information.

The claimant has the right to have the real costs that were made in regard to accessing information calculated. The height of the refund of the real material costs aggregated with regard of providing information in pursuance to the Right of Access to Information set down in the Criteria of Determination of the Height of Refund of real material costs and the costs of submitting the information (Official Gazette No 12/14).


Goran Bilić, graduate jurist

Legal Department Expert Associate

Tel.: +385 (0)32 373 226


A Claim on Access to Information shall be submitted:

  1. a) In writing to BOROVO d.d., Dr Ante Starčevića 2/D, 32010 Vukovar
  2. b) Personally at BOROVO d.d., Dr Ante Starčevića 2/D, 32010 Vukovar , weekdays

       from 7:00 to 15:00

  1. c) Email to:
  2. d) Telephone on: +385 (0)32 373 226
  3. e) by telex: +385 (0)32 422 604

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