Custom made

As a natural outcome of thinking about advantageous virtues of Borovo compared with its competition and after carrying out the research aimed at finding new market potentials, an idea about ‘custom made’ production of rubber and rubber-technical footwear such as Startas, Rubber, Boromina, Borosana, plimsolls and a variety of rubber boots was born.


The creativity, flexibility and, above all, expertise of our production and designer team have enabled Borovo to step into a completely new dimension of doing business.

Custom made or the products tailored to meet the needs of a single product and customer started in spring 2015. In only a few months, our products became extremely popular as promotional or selling articles owning to their quality, uniqueness and reasonable price.

The Art of Creating Custom Made Footwear

What is the meaning of ‘custom made’ in our case? On average, each piece of our footwear consists of a dozen of segments of which the majority can be personalized. Thus, for example, the upper can have printed motifs, shoe-laces can diverse, and the shoe-lace rings holes or the rim of the sole can be multi-colored. Various printing techniques applied to the upper parts or application of a logo in the very production process can have impressive results and achieve high quality.

Besides everything mentioned, the fundamental manufacturing principle illustrates the mission of Borovo – hand made, Croatian production and the use of natural materials.

We have become partners to a number of the world’s famous festivals, international organizations and eminent Croatian companies that recognized the advantages of our products. Among them, there are:

  • Ultra Europe festival
  • Inmusic festival by Ožujsko
  • Europska komisija u RH
  • NK Hajduk
  • Simpa Hrvatski telekom
  • Pulski filmski festival
  • Vukovar film festival
  • Hrvatski olimpijski odbor
  • BASF
  • Du motion (Dubrovnik Half Maraton)
  • NovaTV Supertalent
  • Hippy Garden
  • Run Croatia
  • Istraturist Umag
  • Podravka Lino višebojac
  • City games
  • Cest is d'Best
  • Valamar
  • Kamp Uvala Poljana
  • Kamp Polidor
  • Philip Morris
  • USSUD – Ne budi panj
  • Lino višebojac
  • POAF (Poreč Open Air Festival)
  • ESI (Europske sveučilišne igre)
  • Diva Style by BiteMyStyle (espadrila by Zoran Aragović)
  • Ethno Croatia
  • Vintage cirkus
  • HNK Mitnica
  • Mažoretkinje Pesnica
  • Uzosio Golubica Vukovar
  • Star film Fest
  • Custom made Petra
  • Kolo "Slavuj"
  • Manner
  • Aqua Maritime
  • Sugar Ants

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Quality, modern and comfortable footwear.

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