Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Company name: BOROVO d.d. proizvodnja i promet obuće, gumarskih i ostalih proizvoda

Address: Dr. Ante Starčevića 2/D

City: 32 010 Vukovar

Tax number: 73002202488

Account at Zagrebačka Banka d.d.  |  HR92 23600001102349394

Account at Croatia Banka d.d.  |  HR20 24850031100280046

Account at Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.  |  HR64 23400091110585930

The Subject and Commercial Purpose of this Contract is the Purchase of a selected product using Borovo Online Shopping with paying an appropriate amount – the price of the product. The Contract shall be entered into by means of distant communication (Contract concluded at a distance) namely, on the Internet on Borovo PLC website.

Borovo PLC shall deliver the ordered products to its Purchasers across the territory of the European Union.

Due to the restrictions associated with the delivery, one Purchaser is entitled to make one order per day order at most 10 available products. If you want to buy a larger number of products through wholesale, kindly contact us at veleprodaja@borovo.hr

The Contract shall enter into force and be binding as of the time of the Purchaser’s acceptance of the offer of Borovo PLC in one of the following way:

  • by selecting the payment method and completing the order as a registered user of Borovo Online Shop,
  • by selecting the payment method and completing the order as a guest user of Borovo Online Shop,

Prior to entering into a contract, Purchasers are kindly asked to get to know the provisions of article 57, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act  (Official gazette No 41/2014 and 110/15).

  1. a) In the process of registration or creation of the user's account, the user must choose the name or title under which they will use the services, choose a password, and submit a valid email address. All data required for registration or creation of a user's account must be true and the use of other people's personal data is strictly forbidden.
  2. b) Registration or user's account are created for one person only and it is not allowed to disclose the registration or user's data to third parties. It is the User's responsibility to keep safe the data about their password and account. It is not permitted to use other people's registration or account.
  3. c) In case of the violation of the provisions of Terms and Conditions, Borovo PLC reserves the right, on its own discretion, to terminate registration or user's account without the liability of refunding any costs or damage.
  4. d) On the occasion of entering into the Contract, the following documents shall be submitted to the User: the Invoice as a proof of the concluded contract, namely, pre-contractual notification from article 57, paragraph 1. Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette No 41/2014 and 110/15), and the notice about the consumer rights to terminate the contract unilaterally using the form designated for unilateral termination of the Contract in article 61, paragraph 1 and 2. Consumer Protection Act.
  5. e) The Consumer can terminate the Contract unilaterally within 14 (fourteen) days without specifying the reason for.

In order to become eligible to terminate the Contract unilaterally, the Consumer must notify Borovo PLC about his/her the unilateral termination of the contract prior to the expiry date by means of an unambiguous notice sent by post to Borovo d.d., Dr. Ante Starčevića 2D, 32 010 Vukovar, or electronic mail to: reklamacije@borovo.hr, which will contain his/her full name, address, telephone number, or email address, and he/she can use the aforementioned form designated for the unilateral termination of contracts.

The unilateral contract termination form can be found here and the User can also fill it and send electronically. However, in that case, Borovo PLC shall with no delay submit the confirmation of the receipt of the message about unilateral contract termination sent by as an email.

The term for unilateral termination of the Contract is 14 (fourteen) days as of the day when the Consumer or third party appointed by the Consumer but not the carrier, was in the receipt of the goods which is the subject of the Contract, namely, in case of a service, until concluding the Contract.

The Consumer is responsible to hand out the goods or sent it to the address from which the same was sent without unreasonable delay, with no excuse not later than 14 (fourteen) days as of the date of notifying Borovo PLC about his/her decision of unilateral contract termination. Direct costs associated with the refund of the goods shall be incurred by the Consumer. The shipments made under COD terms shall not be taken over. If the Consumer terminates the Contract unilaterally, the contracting sum of money paid by him/her shall be refunded to him/her in compliance with the Contract. The refund shall be made using the same payment method used by the Consumer. In case when the Consumer accepts the payment method other than that, they shall incur no additional costs associated with the refund. The refund must be made by Borovo PLC only when the goods are sent back to it or the Consumer submits the proof that the goods were sent back provided that Borovo PLC had been notified prior to the receipt of the goods.

The Consumer is responsible for each decrease in the value of the goods that are the consequence of handling, apart from that necessary for the determination of the nature, characteristics, and functionality of the goods. In case of any damages to the original packaging, the refund shall be decreased by the percentage equal to the value of the goods. The Consumer shall be notified accordingly.

Here you can take over the Form of unilateral termination of the Contract.

  1. I) Purchase Terms and Procedure

The main characteristics of the products, the manner of use, retail shop price, special occasions, payment, and delivery methods refer to those in effect at the time of concluding an Order. The foregoing data shall be specified with each product.

VAT is included in the price. The delivery costs shall be charged separately and can be seen in the shopping basket prior to the conclusion of the Order. The delivery costs can be found in some other parts of the Site. The complete information about the Purchase Confirmation by means of an electronic Order shall be submitted to the Purchaser’s email address provided during registering/ordering or in a shopping cart while entering the data concerning concluding the Order. All prices shall be in Croatian currency (HRK) and in Euros (EUR). All prices include the VAT.

The prices expressed in foreign currencies are only of informational nature.

If the Purchaser fails to receive the notice about Order confirmation, there is a possibility that he/she has failed to enter the correct email address. In this case, we kindly ask the User to contact us at webshop@borovo.hr.

  1. II) Delivery and Delivery Terms

The costs of delivery shall be charged automatically on the occasion of the Purchase of a product and you shall be given the invoice indicating the retail shop price of the purchased products and delivery price.

The delivery costs shall be indicated in the shopping cart along with the price of a product.

For orders in excess of HRK 750.00 on the territory of the European Union, the delivery costs shall be incurred by Borovo PLC in full.

The delivery time for the products available in stock for delivery in the European Union is 10 days at maximum as of confirming the Order, namely, the payment.

In case of the change of delivery time or any other important circumstances regarding the execution of the Order, our User Service shall notify the Purchaser about it by email at once.

The shipper has the right to double-check the identity of the person nominated to take over the Order (by insight into his/her identity card or another valid personal document) to be sure the ordered product is delivered to the right person.

III) Complaints

The ordered products are packed in a manner that prevents damages through standard handling in transport/shipping. On the occasion of taking over the parcel, the Purchaser must check the packaging. If there are visible damages on the packaging/faults, we suggest the Purchaser decline to receive it since there is a possibility that the product inside it is damaged. In case of decline, the shipper shall return the shipment to Borovo PLC with a remark that it is about the faulty shipment.

Complaints associated with faulty products and all other claims can be made in writing as an email or on the telephone:

  • email address: reklamacije@borovo.hr,
  • address: Borovo d.d., Dr. Ante Starčevića 2D, 32 010 Vukovar,
  • telefax:+ 385 32 422 604

Borovo PLC is responsible for all material faults of the purchased products (complaints) pursuant to the legal regulations in effect (Consumer Protection Act Official Gazette No 41/2014 and 110/2015 and Civil Obligations Act (Official Gazette No 35/05, 41/08, 125/11, and 78/15).

One of the options in the justified complaint procedure is to exchange the faulty product in a reasonable period of time or to eliminate the faults on the product, or its price can be reduced. If we are unable to exchange or repair the purchased product in a reasonable time, you may terminate the Contract and the full refund shall be given to you.

The products that the Purchaser has tried to repair or fix as well as the products which have been damaged due to wrong use cannot be subject to a complaint.

Borovo PLC shall collect the products being the subject of a complaint, damaged, faulty, or wrongly delivered products on its own expenses if it is found out that the complaint is justified and that the Purchaser did not bring about the incorrectness, damage or any other fault in the goods. In case of a justified complaint, within the period of time established by the Civil Obligations Act, all costs and expenses regarding the exchange of the faulty product with the new one shall be borne by Borovo PLC in full.

In case of a dispute whether the complaint is justifiable and/or the manner in which the product is sent back (the product must be unused, in unchanged quantity and original packaging) along with the presentation of the original invoice.

In pursuance to EU Parliament and Council Directive/Ordinance No 524/2013, an obligation was introduced for the Sellers taking part in online shopping to ensure on their sites an electronic link with the platform for online settlement of purchase disputes. The purchaser can access to the Platform for the settlement of purchase disputes through this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=HR.

  1. IV) Payment method and procedure

Payment for a product and delivery costs can be executed in one of the following manners:

  1. Payment

1.) PayWay online payment method with credit or debit cards.

The ordered products can be paid online with one of these credit cards: MasterCard®, Diners, Visa or Maestro as a lump-sum payment.

  1. General Payment Slip/Remittance. The products, for which an order has been concluded, can be paid for by means of a payment slip. Subsequent to the Order Confirmation, Borovo shall submit by electronic mail the data required for payment with the general payment slip. All data must be written in the payment slip correctly and pay in due time. 

2.1. Internet banking. The products, for which an order has been concluded, can be paid for by means of the Internet banking of any bank providing such payment method. Subsequent to the Order Confirmation, Borovo shall submit the data required for the execution of payment by electronic mail.

  1. V) Protection of the Data regarding the Purchase

Borovo PLC has an obligation of protecting the anonymity and privacy of the users of Borovo Online Shopping, using and processing their data exclusively for the purposes determined in General Terms and Conditions. Borovo may collect the users’ personal data such as his/her full name, address, PIN, telephone number, email address only when provided voluntarily.

Borovo shall use the abovementioned data exclusively for the purpose of exercising the contractual provisions and the best possible understanding of individual needs, habits, and requirements of the User as well as further development and quality service rendering. Borovo shall collect, process and disclose the data about its Users regarding the manner of using Borovo Online Shopping without disclosing the User0s identity and/or personal data which may disclose the User’s identity.

Borovo collects and keeps records of its users’ IP-address (Internet Protocol Address) or the location of the personal computer for the use of system administration, repair, confirmation of the content taking over, or technical upgrading the Internet service. Borovo shall automatically keep records of the data about the users’ habits in using Borovo Online Shopping, and among other things, a record book about the visits to specific sites and/or content. Borovo shall use such data exclusively for improving its services, adjusting and making its advertising activities personal to meet the needs of each user.

Borovo shall keep records neither of your credit cards nor shall save any transaction data.  We use the service of our partner Telekom PLC and its Pay Way system which enables protected internet transactions with credit cards. All On-Line Payments are carried out with the encryption of data and up-to-date algorithms. HT Pay Way Service possesses PCI DSS Level 1 Certificate of Safety and Protection of authorization data.    

  1. VI) Communication

By registering and purchasing with us, you give your consent to Borovo to email you about new services and products, changes, adding new content to the site, discounts, sales, products, or a change of the manner of service rendering. The User can withhold the said consent at any given time.

The User is responsible for the correctness, completeness, and au-date of their data.  


   Pre-Contract Notice

   Unilateral Contract Termination Form

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