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Borovo PLC takes full responsibility for the safety of your personal data.


Borovo PLC cares about the protection and privacy of your personal data; hence, its Services are in compliance with privacy policy laws. We hope the following will help you learn which data Borovo PLC may collect, use and store, and who these data can be disclosed to.


Personal Data

Borovo PLC shall not collect personal data through its web sites (e.g. your name, address, telephone number or email address), unless you give your consent (e.g. subscribe or answer a questionnaire), give your permission or it is permitted by privacy policy laws.



By giving your personal data, you agree that we use them to answer to your inquiry, process your order or allow access to special information and offers. Additionally, in order to establish a relationship with you as a user we can:

  • store and process your personal data for a better understanding of your business needs and finding the way of improving our products and services;
  • use your personal data to communicate with you regarding the offer of Borovo PLC with the aim of meeting/supporting your business needs or
  • carry out an online questionnaire to help us understand the buyer’s needs better.


If you do not want to have your personal data be used to improve the relationship with our purchasers (notably, for direct marketing or market research), we shall meet your wish. Your personal data shall not be sold or disclosed to third parties.




Limitations to Purposes

Borovo PLC shall collect, use or disclose your personal data given by you online only for the purpose of which you’ve been informed of, unless such use is:

  • the use of personal data for other purpose directly associated with the original purpose for which the personal data were collected,
  • required for preparation, negotiation and execution of the contract with you,
  • required by governing law or relevant government or judicial bodies,
  • required for court trial proceedings or other procedures

Required for prevention of fraud or other illegal actions such as hacking.


Communication Data or Usage Data

By the use of telecommunication services for accessing the Internet network, your communication data  (e.g. IP address) or the usage data (e.g. the information about the beginning, end and scope of each access as well as the information about telecommunication services you had access to) are technically generated and might potentially be regarded personal data. If there is an urgent need, your data on communication or usage shall be collected, processed and used in compliance with the legal framework in effect along with the data and safety protection policy.


Non-private data generated automatically


Your accessing our web pages, we can automatically (i.e. not be means of registration) collect non-personal data (e.g. the kind of Internet web browser and operational system you use, network domain name you visit, the number of visits, average time spent online, viewed sites). These data can be used and exchanged in order to follow the activities of our websites and improve their work and content.


Cookie Policy– the information automatically generated on your computer


When you visit some of our websites, we can save some information in your computer in the form of ‘cookies’ in order to recognise your computer automatically on the occasion of the next visit. Cookies can help us in a variety of ways. For example, we can adapt our web sites to meet your interests in a better way or save your password so that you do not need to enter it again. If you do not want to receive cookies, in the preferences of your web browser you should set up ‘erase cookies’ from the computer hard disc, block cookies or receiving the warnings before storing the new cookies.



As regards the safety and protection against random or illegal destruction, loss or modification or illegal disclosure or access, Borovo shall undertake technical and organisational safety measures.


 Connection with Other Websites/Links

Borovo web site contains links to other web sites. Borovo shall not be deemed responsible for the practice associated with the privacy policy or content of other web sites.


Borovo shall respond to reasonable requests for reviewing personal data or their modification, supplement or erasing the incorrect data. If you have any questions or comments, click on ‘Contacts’ and send us your questions and you will have our answer. Visit this site regularly in order to have the information updated.



When registered, the user gives personal consent for the collection, use, processing and disclosure of their personal data. Only persons of age can register.





By select the option ‘I accept the Terms of Use’ after registrating, the user gives their consent for the collection, use, processing and disclosure of their personal data needed for the use of the website, including (without restrictions to):

  • the consent to the Seller pursuant to the Protection of Personal Data Act can process the given personal data for the needs of record keeping and statistics, for the needs of creating Purchaser Data Banks, communicating the news about Products and Services, for the needs associated with Delivery, for the needs of submitting promotion materials, up-grading the relationship with Purchasers and improving services. The Seller can give the data to the third parties for the purpose of rendering a service, protection of the interest of the User and Seller as well as for prevention of any misuse;
  • the needs of the best-possible insight into and understanding individual needs and demands of a User as well as developing the possibilities for the Seller’s best possible service rendering which results in improved User’s satisfaction;
  • the consent given to the Seller which allow communication in writing, on the telephone, as text messages and/or emails and sending to their home address the materials that will inform them about benefits and novelties in its offer;
  • Disclosing the data to third parties required for carrying out the abovementioned purposes.

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